Justice at last for Carol’s family

It has been reported in The Times that the family of a nurse who falsely claimed that her parents were Satanists after undergoing “recovered memory” therapy have won the right to seek a new inquest into her death. Article and source here (please note The Times operates a paywall) FACT Comment You can find out further […]

The problem with memory

There is an interesting article in Inside Time by Dr David Hockey an Applied Investigative Criminologist and Private Investigator regarding the role of memory in in cases of alleged historical abuse. Since the Jimmy Savile ‘Yewtree’ inquiry, there has been an increasing number of alleged historical sexual cases brought to court and there appears no end […]

Book Release: Justice for Carol – the true story of Carol Felstead.

Our attention has been drawn to a recent book release which will be of particular interest to all those who have been wrongly accused of abuse in which false memory plays a part. Title: Justice for Carol – the true story of Carol Felstead. Authors: Dr Kevin Felstead, Richard Felstead Justice For Carol – The True […]

Childhood memories are less accurate than people think

 The Daily Telegraph reports (here) that childhood memories are less accurate than people think, with the brain likely to fill in gaps when it cannot remember the detail, it has been suggested. The authors of a new study suggest their findings could have important implications for court cases where witnesses who have experienced crime as […]

How Many of Your Memories Are Fake?

Our attention has been drawn to an article How Many Memories are Fake written by Erika Hayasaki. The article discusses how reliable are memories are, how easy it is to manipulate memory, how we think and forget,  whether or not there is such a thing as autobiographical memory. It also draws on recent research by Professor […]