Manifesto Club provide CRB update


Vetting logoSeveral months after the Protection of Freedoms Act was supposed to have introduced ‘common sense’, problems of over-zealous checks continue: 

Privacy problems: The Court of Appeal ruled that minor criminal convictions shouldn’t be returning on CRB checks. Thousands of people can’t get jobs because of old minor convictions, or allegations they can’t shift from their record. We were quoted on this in the Daily Telegraph.

Over-checking: On the ground, vetting continues apace. Our Vetting Blog reports the case of a ski instructor who lost jobs with UK schools because he refused to be vetted. Whatever the law says, organisations are covering their backs and vetting anyone they can. 

New databases: The government is proposing a new system monitoring every A&E appointment for children, checking for possible signs of abuse. We criticised such mass monitoring in The Times and the British Medical Journal.