Macur Review calls for information

Mrs Justice Macur DBE, has announced the publication of an Issue Paper in relation to the Macur Review.
The Macur Review is an independent review established by the Government in November 2012 to consider the scope of the Waterhouse Inquiry and whether or not it sufficiently investigated specific allegations of child abuse in North Wales care homes.
Further details can be found here and in the Issues Paper
 The Board very much want to hear from as many individuals and organisations as possible and have decided to publish the issues paper to provide an opportunity for you to tell them your views on some of the key issues covered by our terms of reference. The paper sets out some of the issues that they are particularly interested in hearing about, but it is not an exhaustive list and if you have information that is not explicitly covered by these questions but which is relevant to our terms of reference, then they would welcome that information too.
Responses may be sent either by email to or by post to Room TM 10.02, Royal Courts of Justice, Strand, WC2A 2LL.
The deadline for responding to the issues paper is 29 March 2013

Her review is separate from the National Crime Agency (NCA) probe, which is focusing on the original police handling of the case and any other allegations made more recently.