FACT AGM 2013 – Nominations and Resolutions


I hereby give notice that the following nominations and resolutions have been received

Signed: Secretary 7th September 2013

A nomination for Chairman 

Nomination to the National Committee - 

Details of the individual nominations have been circulated in accordance with the rules.

Resolution 1

The following resolution will be put before the membership. 

It is proposed that FACT should retain its present name as an acronym but allow for variation in the way that the acronym is spelt out. This will allow scope to broaden its applicability to other professionals and occupational contexts and to capture people’s imagination and interest as part of an advertising campaign to raise awareness. 


This resolution aims to widen our appeal and ambit, whilst taking heed of last year’s AGM vote to retain the same name.  In practice, this would mean that it is still referred to as FACT and it would still stand principally for Falsely Accused Carers and Teachers but sometimes the initials would be spelt out with variations on the standard meaning, such as ‘Falsely Accused in Careers of Trust’, or ‘False Allegations – Campaign for Truth’. With FACT as the basic brand, or trade mark, we would sometimes want to extend it. Just as the newsletter is called FACTion, we would want to sometimes describe it as FACT+ (or FACTplus) meaning Falsely accused carers, teachers, plus other professionals.


About Admin at FACT

I have been a member of FACT for over 10 years and have held several positions on the National Committee. When not involved with FACT I like to do family history and have recently developed an interest in photography.


  1. Don’t get too hung up on nomenclature – if you are a Duke or dustbin man then a false allegation is a false allegation.

  2. While I understand that you wish to appeal for wide support, I get the impression from your homepage that the plight of teachers and carers is no longer the focus – which is a pity. Despite the many Teachers’ Unions, it is difficult for the innocent to get justice. Exoneration is rarely enough when health, career and reputation may have suffered. Crucial errors can be made in records of interviews/hearings and not corrected. These are then retained for years afterwards even when the teacher was exonerated. Child Protection Guidance and Disciplinary Procedure guidelines can be vaguely or ambiguously worded so that Management can fail the teacher and blame the guidance. The Unions are consulted about such guidance but seem to have overlooked the weaknesses.

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