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The Halsbury Law Exchange have published an article titled “Criminal Cases Review Commission – better the devil you know?” which discusses  various opinions about the efficacy of the CCRC  following  the Governments call for evidence as part of a series  non-departmental triennial reviews.

The triennial review is part of the Coalition’s much-trumpeted “bonfire of the quangos”. The CCRC was established as an executive non-departmental public body on 1 January 1997, and the review (we are told) will “provide a robust challenge” of the CCRC and other bodies, looking at “both their functions and their form”. The CCRC was the result of a hard-fought battle by campaigners after faith in our criminal justice system was badly shaken by a succession of miscarriages of justices. So it is perhaps ironic that the CCRC’s more vehement critics of late have been miscarriage campaigners, although also understandable (after all, it is their loved ones that are locked up).

The article discusses contribution to the triennia preview including those by INUK and Mark Newby

Link to source and full article (here) 

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