CCRC Triennial Review: Update from Ministry of Justice

Stage one of the triennial review of the Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC) is now complete.  The Call for Evidence, which concluded on 14 December 2012, provided 65 responses, which have now been collated and analysed.

The evidence has supported the continuation of the functions of the CCRC, and for it to continue in its current form.

As you will recall, the two principal aims of the review are:

  • to examine the key functions of the CCRC and whether the functions are still required, and, if so, how they should be delivered in future; and
  • where it is agreed the functions should continue and the CCRC should remain, the second part of the review will assess whether there are appropriate control and governance arrangements in place to ensure that it is operating in line with Government policy including good corporate governance, openness, transparency and accountability.

We are now moving to the second stage of the review and will engage with the CCRC in looking at the governance arrangements which are in place. The final report covering both stages of the review will be published at the conclusion of stage two.

Note:  A combined report on stages 1 and 2 was published by The Ministry of Justice in June 2013. You can access it here

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