Spring Conference 2017

FACT is holding its Spring Conference on 13th May in Birmingham. Please book your place now by emailing sec@factuk.org or by phoning the dedicated mobile number for the conference 07464436496 We have three excellent speakers, and we will also be discussing the implications of the Henriques Report. Denis and Aideen Jones will be talking about […]

Wrongful allegations, a Christian perspective for Holy Week

The following is a blog by Brother Gerard. FACT is not affiliated to any religious organisation, but it is hoped that this article will be of interest during the approach to Easter. FACT supports those who suffer from wrongful allegations resulting from their work. Many are or were carers, teachers, health care workers, social workers, […]

How Simon Warr lost everything when he was wrongfully accused of abuse

What follows is a shocking story of how a wrongfully accused teacher lost everything. His career, his home, his reputation and of course his happiness. It tells how he contemplated suicide as the only way to escape his suffering. Simon Warr taught O level languages. He was, and is an innocent victim of the febrile […]

The Tragic Death of David Bryant’s Wife Lynn

“The Shocking Case of David Bryant” is the title of an article in this winter’s FACTion, our magazine. David Bryant was a fireman accused of raping a boy called Danny. He spent three years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit. Throughout his public shaming and imprisonment, his wife Lynn never lost faith in […]

Prominent men are said to be suing the Metropolitan Police

Lord Bramall and Paul Gambacinni are suing the Metropolitan Police according to the Daily Mail. Paul Gambacinni was publicly named as being accused of an historical sexual offence and spent a year on bail. He says he is £200,000 out of pocket due to lost earnings and legal expenses. His year of terrible suffering is […]

Lies, damned lies and statistics: misinterpreting data on child sexual abuse

Anyone who has been wrongfully accused of child abuse will know how difficult it is to convince others, whether police, social services or their employers, that they are innocent. One reason for this may be that everyone is subject to cognitive biases. These are very common thinking errors which influence the way we make decisions. […]