Supreme Court rule that blanket disclosure of past convictions on CRB is unlawful.

It has been reported in the Independent (here) that five Supreme Court justices have ruled that the requirement to reveal had been a breach of the man’s right to private life, following a hearing in London. Home Secretary Theresa May – and Justice Secretary Chris Grayling – asked Supreme Court justices to consider whether disclosure […]

Specialist solicitors dealing with CRB, DBS and listing problems

Our attention has been drawn to a firm of solicitors CRB Problems Ltd who specialise in CRB issues and general listing (Barring) issues. For examples of their previous successes see their case study section The firm is based in Salford. Last year over 4 million Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) formerly the Criminal Records Bureau, (CRB) Certificates […]

The Disclosure and Barring Service issue further guidance concerning criminal record checks and referrals.

The Disclosure and Barring Service issue further guidance concerning criminal record checks and referrals. Whilst the advice is mostly relevant to employers it will also be useful to those who wish to challenge any error or adverse finding on their CRB record. This guidance covers … Stages of the DBS checking process Types of check Referrals and […]

The legality of the current CRB regime shortly to be considered by the Supreme Court.

It has been reported in an a blog on the Panopticon 11KBW website by Anya Proops here that he legality of the current CRB regime, is shortly to be considered by the Supreme Court – see below Haunted by one’s past – yet another criminal records case October 10th, 2013 “As I mentioned in my post last […]

Enhanced CRB disclosures in sport – update in Blackstone’s Sports Law Bulletin

Sports regulatory bodies and sports clubs must generally obtain enhanced disclosure of coaches and other persons who are responsible for supervising and working with children (now called Enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service Checks). A number of cases relating to enhanced disclosure have now been decided by the Administrative Court and a body of law is […]

Doubling in innocent people branded criminals by Criminal Records Bureau

The Annual Report of the Criminal Records Bureau shows that as many as 500 people could have received incorrect criminal records between April and December last year. The figure is more than twice the 204 people who were estimated to have been given the wrong records in the 2011/12 financial year, which was a 12 […]

With 112 pages of ‘guidance’, who would organise a kids’ sports event?

The Manifesto Club have drawn attention to some critical comments made about NSPCC’s recently produced 112 page guidance document on organising safe sports events 112 PAGES OF ‘GUIDANCE’ TO ORGANISE A KIDS SPORTS EVENT The NSPCC has produced a 112-page guidance document on ‘safe’ sports events for kids – including ‘codes of conduct’ to sign before the […]

Teacher’s human rights breached by unproven allegations disclosure

A teacher’s human rights were breached after police included unproven allegations against him in a criminal records check, the High Court ruled yesterday. The PE teacher has not worked for more than two years because the allegation remained on his record even though police investigated and took no action. The ruling raises the prospect of […]

Thousands of job applicants will no longer have to face their criminal past being disclosed to employers

Thousands of job applicants will no longer have to face their criminal past being disclosed to employers, under changes announced by the Home Office. Old and minor cautions and convictions will be filtered out of the information revealed in applications for jobs in England and Wales. It follows a Court of Appeal ruling in January […]

Parents ‘treated like felons on remand’ by school CRB checks

Thousands of parents are still being forced to undergo “suspicious and hostile” criminal record checks to volunteer in schools despite Coalition reforms designed to introduce common sense into the child protection system, according to research. It refers to a report by the Manifesto Club, who campaign against the regulation of everyday life, warning  that the […]

Manifesto Club provide CRB update

CRB PROBLEMS PERSIST – AND MULTIPLY  Several months after the Protection of Freedoms Act was supposed to have introduced ‘common sense’, problems of over-zealous checks continue:  Privacy problems: The Court of Appeal ruled that minor criminal convictions shouldn’t be returning on CRB checks. Thousands of people can’t get jobs because of old minor convictions, or allegations […]

UK Police Officers exempt from Criminal Records Bureau checks

It would appear from information on the  Go Petition website website  that police officers (except in Northern Ireland) are exempt from Criminal Records Bureau checks Peter Danby is asking Damien Green,  Minister for Police,  to enact legislation to make sure that every person employed at present in the UK police forces has a Criminal Records Bureau […]

Volunteering England has produced a user-friendly guide to the new DBS system.

Volunteering England has produced a user-friendly guide to the new Disclosure and Barring System. The Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) and the Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA) merged on 1 December to form the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS). As a result ‘CRB checks’ are now called ‘DBS checks’. Link to source and guide (here)

Manifesto Club: CRB Update

This update is an extract from the Maifesto Club website here  HAVE YOU BEEN VETTED FOR HELPING OUT IN A SCHOOL? Research call-out: Have you been CRB checked for volunteering in schools? We are writing a report about the vetting of school volunteers. If you have any accounts of this, please email.Would CRB checks have stopped Saville?: Radio 4’s […]

ISA vetting scheme halted

The vetting scheme for nine million people working with children and vulnerable adults in England, Wales and Northern Ireland has been halted. Home Secretary Theresa May has announced that registration, due to begin next month, has been put on hold. There will be a review of the entire vetting and barring scheme, with a scaling […]

Police can keep convictions database, says Court of Appeal

Police forces can keep a record of spent convictions on a single central database without breaking data protection laws, the Court of Appeals has said. Police would have had to delete a million records from their system if they had lost. The Court reversed orders of the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) and the Information Tribunal, […]

CRB issues – House of Lord’s judgement expected soon

The new Supreme Court (formerly the House of Lords) has very recently heard a case about enhanced CRB disclosure in which Liberty intervened, The judgment is expected shortly.  The case is called L v Metropolitan Police Commissioner.  It is possible that the case might go to Strasbourg depending on what the Supreme Court says, and whether […]