Call for people’s experiences of Church safeguarding processes

January 4, 2017

One of our members is concerned about the Church of England’s safeguarding process and has made the following request for information. Please contact her at the email address below.

“I am a member of FACT and concerned about the development of unjust safeguarding measures in the church. Publicly, concerns were raised about the the Church of England’s safeguarding policies after traducing the (dead) Bishop George Bell over an unproven historic sexual abuse allegation and about the sacking of the bell ringers at York Cathedral over a ‘safeguarding issue’. In addition, Bishop Michael Perham and Sister Frances Dominica have also been affected by Church of England safeguarding measures after wrongful allegations were made against them. Privately, both innocent clergy and innocent congregation members are suffering from (biased) assessments and (unfair) restrictions placed upon them. I am contacting the National Safeguarding Team at Church House to challenge injustices in their procedures following wrongful allegations and would like to hear stories from others who have experienced problems like this in order to get a fuller picture. While my main focus is in the Church of England I would be pleased to hear from other denominations. Please contact me if you are able to share information or are interested in this. All names will be kept in confidence.


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