What We Do

F.A.C.T. is a voluntary organisation made up of lay members.  We are not experts and we do not provide legal advice.

We do however have a lot of experience of supporting people throughout the U.K. who work (or have worked) in positions of responsibility and trust who conscientiously maintain they have been falsely accused of abuse or misconduct of children or vulnerable people.

It is clear to us that many whose work regularly brings them into contact with children, or vulnerable or dependent adults, do not realise just how:

  • vulnerable they are to being falsely accused of abuse or misconduct
  • closed safeguarding bodies are to any possibility that the allegations made might be untrue
  • inadequate the justice system is in establishing truth

F.A.C.T.  exists to:-

  • support carers, teachers, other professionals (and their respective families) who have been falsely accused and/or wrongly convicted of abuse or misconduct.
    We do this by providing direct support, information and an opportunity for members to meet each other and to attend our conferences. Any help that we give is provided on the basis of members’ experience of relevant issues which may, or may not, suit individual circumstances. To ensure the best possible levels of support we recommend you apply for membership without delay. This will provide you with access to a members only section of the website which contains useful information about what YOU  can do if you, or someone close to you, has been falsely accused
  • campaign on their behalf for improvements in investigative practice and for reform of the criminal justice system.
    We do this by

    • engaging with the news media and film makers
    • engaging with politicians and relevant civil servants
    • taking direct and indirect action throughout the UK
  • promoting, encouraging and supporting research into issues relating to false allegations.

  F.A.C.T. much prefers rational argument and debate than militant action.

If you would like to know about what we do, or want to know more consider joining FACT or volunteering to be an ambassador for F.A.C.T.