Campaign Objectives

F.A.C.T’s campaign objectives can be summarised as follows:-

  • release of innocent prisoners wrongly convicted of child abuse with their convictions quashed;
  • quashing of the convictions of innocent, former prisoners wrongly convicted of child/adult abuse;
  • clearing the names of innocent people falsely accused of child/adult abuse, whether charged or not;
  • clearing the names of innocent people cleared of child/adult abuse by criminal investigation but affected by civil actions or action by safeguarding agencies or employers;
  • removal of the names of innocent people from the sex offenders register and other lists, including those compiled unofficially; and
  • preventing other innocent people being falsely accused of child/adult abuse in the future.

If you also believe in these objectives and would like to help F.A.C.T. please join us or help in our campaign.

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