If you have been wrongfully accused read this fact sheet now and our other fact sheets here

FACT abhors abuse of children and adults whether sexual, physical or emotional abuse. However not all allegations of abuse are true, wrongful allegations may be made for a variety of reasons and are not necessarily malicious. However, wrongful allegations have a devastating effect on the accused and their families. They can lose their reputations, their careers, and can lose their freedom. They may suffer severe damage to their physical and mental health and some may even take their own lives. They may become outcasts in their communities. When an allegation of child abuse is made there is always a victim, either the complainant or the accused.


We are here to offer support to people who presently or have previously worked in positions of trust and who are victims of wrongful allegations of abuse. There are many ways in which we provide this support, find out more about what we do.


These articles provide background to the phenomenon of wrongful allegations of child abuse.

Why do wrongful allegations of abuse happen?

How common are wrongful allegations of child abuse?

Why are memories sometimes unreliable?


Here you can access important material concerning the background to wrongful allegations and how to cope with them.

Presumed Guilty: A FACT Briefing document

The Oxford University Study on 'The Impact of Being Wrongly Accused in Occupations of Trust'

The Henriques Report on Operation Midland

FACTion, our magazine


This is a list of some of the other organisations that provide information and support for the wrongfully accused.

The British False Memory Society

FASO (False Allegations Support Organisation)

SAFARI (Supporting All Falsely Accused with Reference Information)

PAFAA/SOFAP (another support organisation)

Unfounded (campaigns on behalf of the wrongfully accused)

If you need someone to talk to call our HELPLINE on 0843 289 2016


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F.A.C.T. is a UK-wide voluntary organisation run by lay people. It exists to support carers, teachers, other professionals (and their respective families) who have been falsely accused and/or wrongly convicted of abuse or misconduct; and to campaign on their behalf for improvements in investigative practice and for reform of the criminal justice system. The views expressed in these pages are merely opinion. Any help that we give is provided on the basis of members' experience of relevant issues which may, or may not, suit individual circumstances. Visitors who rely on any information do so at their own risk. F.A.C.T. accepts no responsibility for the way in which anyone viewing this site may wish to interpret and/or use the contents or information contained herein. If you have been falsely accused of abuse or misconduct you should immediately seek advice from a competent and experienced solicitor and continue to do so throughout the investigative period.