General News

FACTion Edition Summer 2016

The latest edition of our magazine, FACTion, is now available. Click here … [Read More...]

Appointment of FACT President

We are delighted to announce Sister Frances Dominica OBE,DL,FRCN who shared her own experiences of … [Read More...]

Oxford University Study reveals shocking truth behind False Allegations

Wednesday 18th May 2016 saw the online publishing of Oxford University's study, The Impact of Being … [Read More...]

Allegations of Paedophile rings and establishment involvement in child sexual abuse

Today, 17th March 2016, sees the publishing of the long awaited Macur review report looking into the … [Read More...]

Scottish Child Sex Abuse Inquiry

October 2015 saw the start of the Scottish inquiry chaired by Susan O'Brien QC and in January 2016 … [Read More...]

Is it right to pursue claims of Historical Sex Abuse against the dead?

The BBC - The Moral Maze The idea that we shouldn't speak ill of the dead has an ancient … [Read More...]

Compensation for wrongful conviction

The Independent reports Sam Hallam, another victim of a wrongful conviction, has joined forces with … [Read More...]

The Horrors of Pre-Charge Bail

There have been a number of high-profile cases where individuals under investigation have been … [Read More...]

We smugly boast of Magna Carta

Peter Hitchens says that the quiet collapse of English liberty has left us all powerless against the … [Read More...]

Criminal Cases Review Commission must get resources and powers required

The report prepared by the House of Commons Justice Committee about the operation of the Criminal … [Read More...]

Compensation for Victor Nealon

Many have been surprised to learn that practically all those leaving prison following a wrongful … [Read More...]

Chris Saltrese Solicitors

Our attention has been drawn to several excellent articles on Chris Saltrese' website; False … [Read More...]

Case against South Wales teacher “not proven”

ALL charges have been found 'not proven' against a former teacher accused of bullying and … [Read More...]

25 worst cases of people being falsely accused

Our attention has been drawn to this article which describes 25 worst cases of people being falsely … [Read More...]

Inquiry members refuse to do anymore work in abuse inquiry

Members of the Government’s inquiry into historic child sex abuse have refused to do any more work … [Read More...]

MP calls for rape anonymity laws to be reviewed after case dropped

The Conservative MP Mark Pritchard has called for a review of laws that grant anonymity to sexual … [Read More...]

Teacher cleared of hitting six-year-old pupil on head with ruler

Rina Khan, aged 41, of Smethwick, was accused of hitting the child so hard the ruler broke as … [Read More...]

Cardiff Law School become first Innocence Project to succeed following referral of case to CCRC

In 2012, Cardiff became the first university innocence project in the UK to successfully have a case … [Read More...]

Teacher accused of head butting and punching a 13-year-old disruptive pupil cleared by a court of common assault.

A teacher accused of head butting and punching a 13-year-old disruptive pupil was today cleared by a … [Read More...]

Teaching assistant cleared by a jury at Teesside Crown Court of having sex with a 16-year-old.

Teaching assistant Helen Turnbull has been cleared by a jury at Teesside Crown Court of having sex … [Read More...]

Members News

FACT Spring conference 2016 Programme

FACT Spring Conference, Saturday 23rd April 2016 at Carrs Lane Church and Conference Centre Carrs … [Read More...]

Is it right to pursue claims of Historical Sex Abuse against the dead?

The BBC - The Moral Maze The idea that we shouldn't speak ill of the dead has an ancient … [Read More...]

FACT Spring Conference 2016

We are pleased to announce that this years spring conference is being held on Saturday 23rd April at … [Read More...]

FACT Spring 2015 Conference Details

Saturday 30th May 2015 - Cardiff Law School, Museum Avenue, Cardiff CF10 3AX Wrongful Accusations … [Read More...]

FACT NEWS – FACT to support need for research

FACT is supporting the need research into false allegations and is in discussion with a … [Read More...]


The FACT Spring conference will take place at Cardiff University Law School, Museum Road, Cardiff on … [Read More...]

Web Site Update – 19th January 2015

We are pleased to report that good progress is being made with our new website. As you will see the … [Read More...]

FACT AGM 2013 – Nominations and Resolutions

FACT AGM 2013 I hereby give notice that the following nominations and resolutions have been … [Read More...]

FACT AGM – 2013 – Agenda

F.A.C.T AGM - 2013 AGENDA Saturday 21st September Commencing at 11-00 … [Read More...]

FACT AUTUMN AGM and CONFERENCE – Sat. 21st September 2013

F.A.C.T.  Falsely Accused Carers, Teachers and other Professionals  Autumn AGM and Conference … [Read More...]


Due to unforeseen circumstance St Chad’s Cathedral will be closed on the 21st September, therefore, … [Read More...]


The FACT website has recently been experiencing some technical problems which has resulted in some … [Read More...]

FACTion is back – July edition published

After a brief interlude FACTion is back. The July edition (Vol 4.01) can be accessed by clicking the … [Read More...]

Response to the Jillings report

The Jillings Report describes events which took place many years ago. FACT has alway accepted … [Read More...]

Congratulations to FACT on the success of its recent conference.

Congratulations to  those who organised or attended the recent FACT conference at which David Rose … [Read More...]

Solicitors to challenge to Sex Offenders Registration Rules

The following Media release has been issued by Quality Solicitors Jordans X v Secretary of State … [Read More...]

FACT contributes to Radio 5 Live debate

FACT members might like to hear FACT's contribution to the Radio 5 Live perspective on the DPP … [Read More...]

Media Release: Chris Saltrese responds to DPP’s proposals to review sexual offences programme.

The Following media release has been issued by Chris Saltrese, a solicitor specialising in defending … [Read More...]


The latest edition of FACTion can now be viewed online … [Read More...]

Macur Review issues a call for evidence

The Independent Review of the Waterhouse Tribunal will today publish an Issues Paper calling for … [Read More...]

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